Quiz February 2015

Enter your name and year of residency (for resident doctors only) in appropriate fields. Select the best one out of four options for each question and click on its radio button. When you have completed the quiz, use the print button at the bottom of the page or use the print command button of your browser to print your answer book. We recommend you print a PDF file rather than print it on paper. That is more eco friendly. Answers to the quiz will be published in the next issue of the journal.

Name: Year 

1) Incidence of asymptomatic endometriosis is ____.
a) 10-15
b) 15-20
c) 20-25
d) 25-30

2) High risk for endometriosis is _____ .
a) polymenorrhagia
b) oligomenorrhoea
c) normal menstrual cycle and flow
d) hypomenorrhoea

3) Portal pressure physiologically _____ in pregnancy.
a) decreases
b) increases
c) remains unchanged
d) fluctuates

4) Extra hepatic portal vein obstruction is associated with all of the following except _____.
a) recurrent thrombosis
b) variceal bleed
c) hepatic carcinoma
d) hypersplenism

5) Overall incidence of uterine rupture is 1 in ____  pregnancies.
a) 2247
b) 3389
c) 1146
d) 4446

6) The commonest time of uterine rupture is ___ .
a) first trimester
b) second trimester
c) third trimester, before labor
d) third trimester, during labor

7) Torsion is most commonly seen in _____.
a) subserosal sessile leiomyomas
b) subserosal pedunculated leiomyomas
c) ovarain tumors
d) normal adnexa

8) Fibroids can be all except ______.
a) submucosal
b) intramural
c) subserosal
d) supraserosal

9) Placenta penetrates _____ in placenta accreta.
a) decidua up to myometrium
b) myometrium
c) uterine serosa
d) uterine veins

10) Risk factors for morbid adhesion of the placenta include all of the following except _____ .
a) previous cesarean section
b) chemotherapy for malignancy
c) previous myomectomy
d) thermal ablation of the endometrium

11) The symptoms of vulval lymphangiectasia include all of the following except _____ .
a) local pain
b) local bleeding
c) local paresthesia
d) local itching
12) Associations of vulval lymphangiectasia include all oof the following except _____ .
a) vulvar candidiasis
b) malignancy
c) radiotherapy
d) tuberculosis

13) More than 80% of sclerosing stromal tumors of ovary occur below the age of __ years
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 40

14) The prognosis of sclerosing stromal tumor _______ .
a) very favorable
b) very poor
c) guarded
d) variable

15) Ovarian ectopic gestation accounts for less than ____ % of all ectopic pregnancies.
a) 1
b) 3
c) l5
d) 7

16) Majority of ovarian ectopic pregnancies rupture  ___ .
a) before missing a menstual period
b) during first trimester
c) during second trimester
d) during third trimester

17) In placenta increta the trophoblast invades ___ .
a) decidua basalis
b) myometrium
c) uterine serosa
d) urinary bladder

18) All of the following are causes of morbidly adherent placenta except ___ .
a) previous myomectomy
b) previous uterine perforation
c) past cesarean section
d) previous IUCD insertion

19) Most of the babies with skeletal dysplasias ___ .
a) abort in first trimester
b) abort in second trimester
c) deliver at or near term
d) die before birth

20) The most common type of lethal skeletal dysplasia occurring in the neonatal period is _____ .
a) achondroplasia
b) thanatophoric dyplasia
c) osteopetrosis
d) cleidocranial dysplasia

Answers to Quiz January 2014

1-b, 2-d, 3-d, 4-a, 5-a, 6-c, 7-d, 8-d, 9-a, 10-c, 11-c, 12-b, 13-a, 14-d, 15-d, 16-a, 17-c, 18-d, 19-d, 20-a.