Quiz March 2015

Enter your name and year of residency (for resident doctors only) in appropriate fields. Select the best one out of four options for each question and click on its radio button. When you have completed the quiz, use the print button at the bottom of the page or use the print command button of your browser to print your answer book. We recommend you print a PDF file rather than print it on paper. That is more eco friendly. Answers to the quiz will be published in the next issue of the journal.

Name: Year

1) Maternal mortality in patients with Eisenmenger’s syndrome is as high as __ %
a) 1-20
b) 20-40
c) 30-50
d) 40-60.

2) Thromboembolic phenomena are responsible for as many as __ % of all maternal deaths in Eisenmenger's syndrome.
a) 13
b) 23
c) 33
d) 43

3) Uterine leiomyomas are seen in __ % of pregnancies.
a) 0.1-1.5
b) 1.6-4
c) 2.4-3.5
d) 4-6.5

4) A __ is the most frequently encountered gynecological tumor during pregnancy
a) ovarian cystadenoma
b) chorioangioma
c) leiomyoma
d) ovarian benign cystic teratoma

5) Sonographic criteria for early diagnosis of RHP do not include __ .
a) a pseudopattern of an asymmetrical bicornuate  uterus,
b) absent visual continuity between the cervical canal and lumen of the pregnant horn
c) presence of myometrial tissue surrounding the gestational sac
d) a pseudogestational sac outside the uterus

6) The fallopian tube on the side of the rudimentary horn pregnancy must be removed in order to avoid __ .
a) tubal pregnancies
b) hydrosalpinx
c) hematosalpinx
d) endometriosis

7) Global met need for Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) is about __ %.
a) 35
b) 45
c) 55
d) 65

8) Possible surgical complications of pubic diastasis do not include __ .
a) sacroiliac dislocation
b) osteomyelitis
c) urinary incontinence
d) retropubic hematoma

9) Hemophilia B (Christmas disease) is a genetic disorder caused by the missing or defective Factor __ .
a) VI
b) VII
d) IX

10) Hemophilia is inherited in an __ manner.
a) x-linked dominant
b) x-linked recessive
c) autosomal dominant
d) autosomal recessive

11) Hydrops fetalis is defined as the presence of excessive fluid accumulation in at least __ fetal body cavities.
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four
12) Hydrops fetalis occurs in 1 in 1500- 4000 pregnancies.
a) 500-1000
b) 1000-1500
c) 1500-3000
d) 1500-4000

13) OEIS complex terminology for Omphalocele, Extrophy of bladder, imperforate anus and Spinal defect was used by __ .
a) Littre
b) Carey
c) Stadtler
d) Haan

14) The most challenging aspect of reconstructive surgery for OEIS complex  is the __ .
a) creation of a new urinary bladder
b) closure of the spinal defects
c) colostomy
d) creating urinary and fecal continence mechanisms

15) __ fistula (VUF) is the least common type of urogynecological fistula
a) vesico-vaginal
b) vesico-uterine
c) uretero=vaginal
d) uretero-uterine

16) Youssef's syndrome does not include __ .
a) menouria
b) amenorrhea
c) urinary incontinence
d) urinary continence

17) Sertoliform endometrioid carcinoma usually occurs in __ .
a) childhood
b) adolescence
c) reproductive age
d) postmenopausal period

18) Prognosis of sertoliform endometrioid carcinoma is __  that of conventional endometrioid carcinoma.
a) same as
b) better than
c) worse than
d) far worse than

19) __ uterovesical fistula is associated with menouria.
a) supraisthmic
b) isthmic
c) infraisthmic
d) any

20) In fetal anemia the peak systolic velocity of the middle cerebral artery  exceeds __ MoM.
a) 0.5
b) 1.0
c) 1.5
d) 2.0

Answers to Quiz February 2014

1-c, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c, 5-c, 6-d, 7-c, 8-d, 9-a, 10-b, 11-c, 12-a, 13-c, 14-a, 15-b, 16-b, 17-b, 18-d, 19-c, 20-b.