Parulekar SV

We are happy to present the March 2014 issue of the journal. In this issue we have eight unusual case reports - an even mix of obstetrics, gynecology, oncology, and imaging. Mullerian anomalies continue to make their mark at our center, and there are three of them in this issue. There is an unusual Mullerian anomaly of complete uterine septum, with duplicated cervix and longitudinal vaginal septum in a patient who presented with primary infertility. There is another one with a large leiomyoma in one horn of a bicornuate uterus. There is also a new operative technique for excision of a hemihematometra. With early antenatal registration and good antenatal care, obstetric mishaps have become rare. But a few patients do continue to present with complications like obstructed labor and uterine rupture. There is a case of insuperable pelvic obstruction due to a giant fecolith, and another one of spontaneous rupture in a primigravida, which was followed by a rupture in the next pregnancy. There are two other interesting cases - one is of a term gravid uterus in a complicated ventral hernia and the other of an endometrial stromal sarcoma. There is also a first of its kind - removal of a broad ligament lipoma vaginally during a vaginal hysterectomy. I hope the articles prove useful and enjoyable to our readers.