Quiz January 2015

Enter your name and year of residency (for resident doctors only) in appropriate fields. Select the best one out of four options for each question and click on its radio button. When you have completed the quiz, use the print button at the bottom of the page or use the print command button of your browser to print your answer book. We recommend you print a PDF file rather than print it on paper. That is more eco friendly. Answers to the quiz will be published in the next issue of the journal.

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1) Incidence of cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy is about ____% of all ectopic pregnancies.
a) 3.1
b) 6.1
c) 9.1
d) 12.1.

2) Complications of medical management of cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy include all except"
a) bleeding
b) failure of resorption of ectopic pregnancy
c) morbid adherence of placenta in future pregnancy
d) rupture of uterine scar in a future pregnancy

3) Methemoglobinemia occurs when red blood cells contain methemoglobin higher than ___%.
a) 0.25
b) 0.5
c) 0.75
d) 1.0

4) Methemoglobin is formed when hemoglobin loses ____.
a) an electron
b) a neutron
c) a proton
d) a positron

5) Endometrial stromal sarcoma accounts for about __ % of all uterine malignancies.
a) 0.2
b) 2.0
c) 4.0
d) 6.0

6) Clinical features of endometrial stromal sarcoma include all of the following except ___ .
a) uterine enlargement
b) abnormal uterine bleeding
c) cachexia
d) pelvic pain

7) WHO recommends antiKoch's therapy for genitourinary tuberculosis as follows::
a) Isoniazid, rifampicin,ethambutol for 3 months followed by isoniazid, rifampicin for 6 months
b) Isoniazid, rifampicin,ethambutol , pyrazinamide for 3 months followed by isoniazid, rifampicin for 6 months
c) Isoniazid, rifampicin,ethambutol pyrazinamide for 2 months followed by Isoniazid, rifampicin for 6 months
d) Isoniazid, rifampicin,ethambutol pyrazinamide for 2 months followed by Isoniazid, rifampicin for 4 months

8) Teratogenecity data is not available for:
a) isoniazid
b) rifampicin
c) ethambutol
d) pyrazinamide

9) Salmonella typhi can cross the placenta and cause all of the following except:
a) fetal growth restriction
b) miscarriage
c) still birth
d) preterm labor

10) Typhoid vaccine is category __ drug during pregnancy:
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

11) 75% cases of genital tuberculosis in women are in the ___ age group:
a) 1-10
b) 10-20
c) 20-45
d) 45-60
12) Genital tuberculsis in women can be asymptomatic in ___ % cases.
a) 7
b) 11
c) 17
d) 23

13) Mullerian duct anomalies are common, reported in up to ___ % of all women.:
a) 3.2
b) 4.2
c) 5.2
d) 6.2

14) Uterus didelphys may be associated with a longitudinal vaginal septum in ___ % cases.
a) 10
b) 30
c) 50
d) 70.

15) Budd Chiari syndrome is characterized by obstruction of the ___.
a) portal vein
b) splenic vein
c) inferior vena cava
d) hepatic veins

16) Budd Chiari syndrome can present any of the following except ___ .
a) obstructive jaundice
b) bleeding esophageal varices
c) hepatic encephalopathy
d) portal hypertension

17) An ovarian tumor is likely to be malignant if it has any of the following except ___ .
a) partly solid or entirely solid
b) with involvement of other organs
c) unilocular cystic
d) with distant metastases

18) Tumor marker for an epithelial cancer of the ovary is ___ .
a) βhCG
b) LDH
c) AFP
d) CA 125

19) Endometrial tuberculosis results in all of the following except ___ .
a) endometrial synechiae
b) shrinking of endometrial cavity
c) intravasation of the dye on hysterosalpingography
d) endometrial hyperplasia

20) Fallopian tubal tuberculosis can cause all of the following except ___ .
a) diverticulum of the tube
b) beading of the tube
c) tubal block
d) irregular tubal outline

Answers to Quiz December 2014

1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-c, 5-a, 6-c, 7-d, 8-d, 9-d, 10-d, 11-d, 12-d, 13-c, 14-b, 15-c, 16-a, 17-d, 18-b, 19-a, 20-c.