Collection Of Urine For Microbiologic Study

The procedure is explained to the patient.

Proper requisition form is filled with the patient’s details.

A sterile screw capped container is asked for.

The container is labeled with patient’s name, registration number date, ward number, and unit name.

The patient is advised to clean the periurethral area with soap and water, direction being from front to back, repeated thrice.

The patient is instructed to collect mid stream clean catch sample.

The amount to be collected is checked for adequacy: at least 3-5 ml sample is required.

The sample is dispatched to laboratory within one hour of collection, at room temperature.

The container is kept in an upright position.

If it cannot be dispatched, it is stored in a fridge at 4C for no longer than 24 hours.

It is checked for being dispatched properly.

The report is checked.