Collection Of Wound Swab For Microbiologic Study

The need of microbiological investigation and the procedure is explained to the patient.

The availability of sterile swab sticks is checked.

Two test tube are labeled with the patient’s name, date, and registration number.

A requisition form with patient’s details, any comorbidities and ongoing treatment and site is filled.

Hands are washed thoroughly.

The wound is cleaned with normal saline before collection of sample.

Use Sterile swabs with cotton tips.

If the wound is moist swab is used straight from the packaging.

If the wound is dry, the swab tip is moistened with normal saline to increase the chances of recovering organisms from the site.

It is ensured that the swab only comes into contact with the wound surface.

The swab is moved across the wound surface in a zigzag motion.

A representative area of the wound is sampled.

If a wound is large, collect sample from at least 1sqcm area both from wound bed and wound margins.

The sample is sent to the laboratory immediately and is processed within 4 hrs of collection.

The report is checked.