Collection Of Endocervical Swab For Microbiologic Study

The patient is instructed not to have a vaginal douche at least in previous 24 hours.

Wash your

The patient is placed in dorsal position with flexion at both hip and knee joints.

Hands are washed thoroughly. Sterile gloves are worn.

Cusco’s bivalve speculum without lubricant or antiseptic solution is inserted into the vagina prior to internal examination.

A sterile cotton swab stick is inserted into the endocervical canal, taking care not to touch the vulva or vagina.

The swab stick is rotated through 360 degrees.

The swab stick is withdrawn carefully, without touching the vagina or vulva. and put it back into test tube in upright position, not touching the side walls of the tube.

The test tube is labeled with the patient’s details.

Another sample is obtained in the same way.

The sample is sent to the laboratory immediately with the properly filled requisition form stating patient’s details, diagnosis, and antibiotic treatment (ongoing or in recent past).

The report is checked.