Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH)

Uterotonic agents (oxytocin, methyl ergometrine, prostagladins, misoprostol) are availabile.

Large bore IV cannula (no:18), cava fix, IV fluids (Ringer lactate, normal saline and Gelofusine, hetastarch, hemaccel) are availabile.

Blood of all groups and blood products are availabile.

Nature of PPH is determined (traumatic, atonic, or due to coagulopathy).

For traumatic PPH, instruments (Sims’s speculum, AV retractor, 3 sponge holders, needle holders, forceps and light source) are availabile.

Venesection tray (2 mosquito forceps, scissors, plain forceps, toothed forceps, needle holder, scalpel with blade) is availabile.

Sterile condom, linen and No. 20 F Malecot's catheter is available in operation theater.