Obstetric Forceps Application

Indication for obstetric forceps delivery is present.

Contraindications for obstetric forceps delivery are ruled out.

Prerequisites for obstetric forceps delivery are met.

Decision is made by Assistant Professor on duty.

Assistant Professor is present during the procedure.

Written, informed and valid consent is obtained.

Required additional personnel are available.




Proper size forceps are available (short), autoclaved within previous 24 hours.

Both the blades are of the same forceps.

Both the blades lock by doing phantom application of the forceps.

Urinary bladder and rectum are empty.

Test dose of local anesthesia is given.

Aseptic and antiseptic precautions are used by obstetrician.

After the procedure,
Complications like extension of the episiotomy; lacerations in the vulva, vagina    and cervix.
Cervical tracing is done.