Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC)

Willingness of the patient to undergo a trial of vaginal birth is confirmed.

Obstetric history is checked about whether it is previous one LSCS only.

Indication for previous cesarean section is checked.

Indication is confirmed to be non recurring.

Notes of previous cesarean section are checked.

Previous discharge card is checked for any specific advise.

Placental location (USG report) and morbid adhesion are checked.

Presence of any other medical and obstetric high risk factors are checked.

Physical examination findings are checked.

Prerequisites are satisfied.

Contraindications are ruled out.

The patient is assessed by consultant (in OPD/ RR/Lwd) preferably staff member and their recommendations are taken.

These recommendations are (especially OPD examination) informed to the consultant on call (Assistant Professor).

Check written, informed and valid consent for VBAC obtained.