Seropositive Patients


Ensure blood sample has been collected in room no. 4

Ensure after registration and before examination every patient goes for pre test counseling in room no. 12

Check pre test counseling stamp has been put on front page of ANC OPD paper


Patient has collected HIV report.

Stamp of post test counseling has been placed on the case paper.

Patient's husband has given blood sample at 5th floor new building, microbiology department for testing.

If patient is sero positve- whether positive for HIV 1 or HIV 2 is checked.

ART reference and subsequent registration in ART center are done.


Cd4 count is checked.

ART medication status is checked.

Patient's compliance with ART drugs is checked.

Cd4 count is repeated at interval of 6 months.

The patient's regularity at ART follow ups is checked.

Breastfeeding counseling is done by obstetrician.

Blood is tested for hemogram (monthly), renal and liver function tests (monthly), HCV, HbsAg.

In case of deranged values the patient is referred to ART OPD.

CHECK LIST FOR Receiving Room (RR)

Spot HIV Kits of your unit – adequacy of stock and expiry date.

RR register for seropositive patient is updated

Expired spot test kits are returned to PPTCT counselors in room no. 12 in OPD 109.

Sero- positive/negative status of every patient is checked.

In case – do Spot HIV test is done of unregistered patients and patients with unknown seropositive status after taking written and informed consent.

In case of registered patient who do not have PPTCT reports, register in RR is checked for seropositive status.

The patient's ongoing ART therapy status is checked.


The baby is wiped with clean towel.

The baby is been started on Syp. Nevirapine 2mg/kg.

The mother is counseled to ensure that baby receives Syp. Nevirapine for at least 6 weeks

The mother is counseled to ensure that baby is tested for retrovirus at interval of 6 weeks, 6 months, 12 months and 18 months.

The mother receives ART during postpartum period and is counseled to continue treatment lifelong.