Taking Over Patients On Emergency Day

No 1 . RR

No patient is kept waiting at 7 am

Table is clean

No undispatched blood samples are kept pending

No referral calls from other departments are kept pending

Presence of delivery tray, speculum examination tray

Presence of CPCR tray with fully functioning items

Weighing machine

HIV spot test kits and buffer

(Daily stock to be taken from sister-in-charge)

No.2. Labor Ward

It should be at registrar to registrar level
To begin at 7 am

Low risk patients in labor ward: all units

High risk patients in labor ward: all units

High risk patients in labour ward/waiting ward, patients requiring monitoring in POW , PPS: handing over by Registrar of units (who will go to OBOT, Gyn OT, OPD) at 8:30 A.M.

Cubicle patients

Refrigeratorno undispatched blood samples/ unused blood products

Emergency tray/emergency drugs

Emergency drugs - medical / obstetric: not beyond expiry dates

Laryngoscope: check battery

Endotracheal tubes: No. 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5

Mouth gag

Central oxygenation supply

Venesection tray

Cavafix No 14/16

Suture materials


Sterile gowns, caps, masks

HIV kits

Availability of various blood groups / products in blood bank.

BP apparatuses: functional


All patients handing over

Female doctorsduty room: empty, clean

No 4 . Fetal Monitor (NST machine)

Working machines - A/B/C/D

Working status

Printing status

Paper: availability



in place or not

clea(of jelly) or not

Record Book

Any discrepancy: (inform Assistant Professor in charge and sister in charge)

At 830 am

Registrar of units (who will go to OBOT, Gyn OT , OPD) shall hand over high risk patients in labour ward/waiting ward, patients requiring monitoring in POW, PPS.